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Wireline World App and Website

Project Type



2017 & 2018


Wireline World was looking for a new platform to help sell used Wireline products. Think of Craigslist but as an App for down hole tools, and truck sales. Dan Hayes hired me on to his team to help create and develop the Wireline World Application. During my time, I created the apps over-all design & functionality. I also worked closely with our developer team to ensure our project would be complete in a timely manner.

I was hired on as the UX designer for the website and mobile application. Wireline World aimed to provide a platform for reselling used Wireline equipment. Spearheaded by a small team of professionals, the project included the development of both a website and mobile application, intending to create a Craigslist-style marketplace for wireline tools and equipment. From down hole tools to trucks, Wireline World offered a comprehensive platform for buying and selling used wireline equipment.

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